International Journal of Social Networking and Virtual Communities

International Journal of Social Networking and Virtual Communities (Int J SocNet & Vircom) is designed to provide a forum for academics, researchers, practitioners, and users to publish rapidly original papers and reviews on: Communities of Interest, Communities of Relationship, Gaming Communities, Communities of Transaction, Peer-to-Peer Communities, Innovation Communities, Mobile Communities, Development of Virtual Communities and the role of user-generated content within Virtual Communities.

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The "Int J SocNet & Vircom" covers research in all areas of social networking and virtual communities.
The scope include (but are not limited to) are the following:

  • Technology in virtual environments and social networks (hardware and software; peer-to-peer networks; platforms; Web services, SOA, and Web 2.0; and Wiki’s and blogs)
  • Human computer interfaces, virtual communities, and social networks
  • Models for virtual communities 
  • Collaborative work in virtual environments
  • Effectiveness of virtual environments and social networks
  • Cross-cultural, political and economic impact of Virtual Communities
  • Community models, platforms, services, and interactions, multi-channel communities
  • Management and organizational behaviour of communities
  • Community-related business models
  • Innovation generation and Virtual Communities (e.g. case studies on "wisdom of crowds", "collective intelligence", etc.)
  • User-generated content and customer collaboration in Virtual Communities
  • Peer-to-Peer or mobile services for Virtual Communities
  • Crowdsourcing through communities
  • Case studies and empirical studies, best practices and lessons learned
  • Motivation of participants in virtual communities
  • Benefits of participation in and competition among virtual communities
  • Information dispersion in virtual communities
  • Typologies and taxonomies of virtual communities
  • Evolution of and innovation in virtual communities
  • Gaming Communities
  • Virtual worlds (computer-based simulated environments; social and cultural issues; and technological issues)